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Little scientists

The 1st grade students were real little scientists. Together with their teacher they did an experiment in which they got a spectrum of beautiful colors. The colour firework in milk was an easy experiment and the students were enthusiastic about it. For this colour firework you need: a little milk, cake decorating colour, detergent for dishes, ear sticks and a plate.

Achievements of our students

Our 4th grade student Ajša Sarvan won the silver medal in 50m dolphin discipline and the bronze medal in 100m min discipline at the swimming Christmas cup in Mostar which was organized by Swimming Club „Zrinjski“.


On Friday, 7th of December, Bosnian language teacher Lejla Moćević had observation lesson with 7th grade studnets. The topic was the analysis of the independent reading story „A  badger in front of the court“ by the author Petar Kočić. The students started a lesson with occasional play and they made the guests laugh.

Visit to the IT company „Symphony“

The 9th grade students with their IT teacher and English language teacher visited the IT company „Symphony“.

Independent Reading Bags

The 5th graders demonstrated the way of presenting the independent reading in an interesting, creative and exciting manner. The topic was “Independent Reading Bags” and for the realization of the lesson they were supposed to find as many items as possible that were somehow connected to the story they have read.

Statehood Day od BiH

The students of our school celebrated Statehood Day of BiH in different ways. They have done different activities based on the topic of Statehood Day od BiH. They visited different places with their teachers and classmates, so the youngest pupils visited the playroom, while the older students went on the city tour, visited the museum, and rode in cable car to Trebević, and some had lunch and cakes. You can see all of the above in the photo gallery entitled "Statehood Day BiH".




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