"Our school provides all-day safety for your children, it cherishes Bosnian cultural spirit and teaches our children nice behavior, morality and respect for different cultures, religions, customs and habits of other individuals"

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World Literacy Day

UNESCO proclaimed 17 November 1965 as World Literacy Day. This holiday was first celebrated in 1967. It's goal is to promote the importance of literacy for every person, community and society.  

1st graders 2020/2021

A welcoming ceremony has been organized for a new generation of 1st graders who are starting their education in a somewhat different but still special way.


Ajša Sarvan, winner of the school writing competition

Our student, Ajša Sarvan, the winner of the writing competition organized by our school has made an original video and introduced the public to her essay. Enjoy!

Recommendations for prevention and spread of COVID-19

Prim.dr.sc. Melisa Pjano made an educational video on recommendations related to prevention and spread of COVID-19.

We'd like to thank the doctor for her time.




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