"Our school provides all-day safety for your children, it cherishes Bosnian cultural spirit and teaches our children nice behavior, morality and respect for different cultures, religions, customs and habits of other individuals"

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World Teachers' Day

Happy 5 October, World Teachers' Day!






A Charity Tournament in Indoor Soccer

A charity tournament in indoor soccer was organized in our school for students from 5th to 8th grade on the occasion of Children's Week. The collected money has been donated for medical treatment of a boy from Vogošća, Eman Salić.

2. place in the 5th International Swimming Meeting "Sharks Cup 2019"












Our student Ajša Sarvan has won the second place in the 50-metre Dolphin category in the 5th International Swimming Meeting "Sharks Cup 2019" held on 28 September 2019. She swam the given route in 43.05 seconds. Congratulations!

A message from the Principal

Private Primary School „Isa-beg Ishaković“ is a combination of tradition and quality, a school which keeps up with the times, but cherishes the traditional values without which we wouldn't be where we are now.

Graduation Ceremony 2019 held at private primary school ”Isa-Beg Ishakovic”

On Friday, June 14, 2019, the First Private Primary School "Isa-beg Ishaković“, held a ceremony marking the School Day and the graduation of the 19th generation graduates of this school.

The ceremony was an excellent opportunity for students of this school to perform a very impressive program for guests, and members of the school sections presented their activities.




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