"Our school provides the full-day safety for your children, it cherishes Bosnian cultural spirit and teaches our children about nice behavior, morality and respect for different cultures, religions, customs and habits of other individuals"


Here you can find weekly exams schedule for subjects on Cambridge programme as well as the dates for the main Cambrige tests (Checkpoint and Progression tests) which will be conducted in April and May:

Winter term:

Our school took second place on the Group Music Making Festival

On Tuesday, 29 March 2017, Group Music Making Festival (choir-orchestra), a competition on the municipality level for all primary school students, has been held on Grbavica. Students of our school who are school’s Choir Club’s members participated in the competition and presented the adapted version of the Bethoween’s “Ode to Joy”.


Respected parents,

we hereby notify you that the entrance of the students into the first grade start from 1.4.2017. and it will last till the end of April. The second entrance period will be organised in the beginning of August only in case that classes do not get enough students in the first entrance period.

The documentation needed for entrance:
- birth certificate,
- confirmation that the child attended the compulsory programme for the children who are supposed to enter the first grade during that same year,
- doctor’s confirmation.

Dr. Asja Korjenić visited our school

Due to the Oral Health Week celebration, dental practitioner Asja Korjenić visited our school on Tuesday 22 March 2017. The dental practitioner has held a lecture for young children where she spoke about the importance of the oral health maintenance, about the important influence that the healthy nutrition has on oral health and about the teeth formation during the young age. The third grade students who attended the lecture had chance to learn different teeth brushing techniques as well as other ways of maintaining the hygiene of the oral cavity.

First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishaković“ Relocated to New Premises

For the First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishaković“, the second term of the school year 2016/2017 has started on a new location in Sarajevo, in Banjalučka bb. The new buildings are leased by Sarajevo Education Development Foundation (SEDEF) which is also the owner of this contemporary educational institution. With the aim of improving the educational system and offering better conditions for learning and working, the students were provided with high-quality equipped Computer Science and Technology classroom with the latest computers which are networked for functioning in the class.




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