In our school, all students from first to ninth grade have the opportunity to remain in an extended stay, every working day til 5:00 pm.

Extended stay is most favorable for students whose parents work full-time or more, and are not able to meet their child at home after school hours. The parents can take their children from school after they finish their work and other obligations. Until that time, students stay under supervision of teacher.

Planed activities that are designed for students in the extended are, above all, completing their homeworks and reviewing the study material learned during the day. Students spend their time in the playroom or on the school yard if weather conditions allow it.

Assigned teacher on duty stays with students in the after-school child care program to monitor their behavior and help them with homework. He/she also acts as an advisor to the students in terms of achieving moral education and good behavior in and out of school. The youngest students after cpmpleting their homeworks can watch educational children's shows and educational cartoons selected by the teacher on duty. The play room has a TV and a DVD that facilitates the work of teachers with children for an extended stay.



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