Classroom equipped for special purposes

English Language classroom

English Language classroom is equipped with all the material needed for the lessons implementation of the subject English Language. The equipment includes laptop, projector, excellent dictionaries, CDs that are used in the process of language acquisition and other literature that are available for students.

Computer Science classroom

Computer Science classroom has a great number of personal computers which are networked for easier lessons implementation in the Internet field. Computer Science lessons are implemented exclusively in this classroom. The access to Internet is enabled by a Computer Science teacher depending on the lessons’ needs, as well as for easier control maintenance in the classroom. Considering the fact that all pupils from 1st to 9th grade attend Computer Science classes, the lessons are adapted for a particular age groups implemented by Computer Science teacher.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Science) classroom

The biology, chemistry and physics lab is equipped with items and tools required for the course, including a number of teaching aids, making it easier for teachers to perform quality practical training through the application of contemporary work forms and methods that represent innovation in the teaching process. The teaching process is very often supported by using computer equipment such as projector for the presentation purposes and a great number of experiments are held for the previously mentioned classes. The lab has a wall display of human and animal anatomical structure as well as individual organs, the periodic table of elements and a large number of physical figures in the form of molecules, compounds, as well as tubes and ancillary items. The office also has microscopes which are used for precise work in biology and chemistry lessons.



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