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Progression Test Results in 2020/2021

Regardless of the pandemic that has affected education of children in the whole world, as well as more difficult learning and studying conditions, our students have again achieved extraordinary results in the Progression tests they took this year.

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Scholarships for the best students for the school 2021/2022 year

First Private Primary School "Isa-beg Ishaković" has rewarded the most hard working students in this school 2020/2021 year with 10% scholarships for the next school year.

The scholarship winners are the following students:
Krečo Benjamin, V1,
Mulić Sumeja, V2,
Babić Danis, VI1,
Hrbat Daris, VI2,
Halilčević Sumeja, VII1,
Kulović Kasim, VII2,
Vuk Amra, VIII1 i 
Akšamović Amila, VIII2.




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