There are many people who have done a lot of things for the prosperity of the city of Sarajevo, but there is one man among them who deserves special attention. His name is Isa–beg Ishaković, the founder of the city of Sarajevo.

Although it is archaeologically proven that Sarajevo is known as an urban place since the prehistoric period, the deeds that Isa-beg Ishaković has done represent the most important period in the long history of the formation of Sarajevo as a distinctive urban space. In the mid-15th century Isa-beg Ishaković made the foundations of an entirely new city, whose development is continued to this day. Based on all the things he had done, Isa-beg Ishaković is rightfully considered its founder.

The oldest source for studying Sarajevo is vakufnama – the treasury of Isa-beg Ishaković from 1462, which is also considered as the year of foundation of Sarajevo. With Vakufnama, Isa-beg Ishaković formed the basis of the future city, the capital of the Bosnian Sandžak, later eyalet.

Isa-beg began with the formation of the city in the area between Bentbaša and Baščaršija. As a devotee of the Sufis, Isa-beg built the Sufi tekke as one of the first public buildings. After that he built musafirhana at Bentbaša as well. According to vakufnama, the tekke and musafirhana served as an accommodation for poor people, students, warriors and travelers. The food that was cooked was distributed at no charge to passengers who happen to be in the city for three days, and all the food that was left was distributed to poor children of Sarajevo.

Along with Gazi Husrev-beg, Isa-beg Ishaković is the major benefactor who built the buildings in Baščaršija – the founder of Sarajevo built the large Han (present-day Kolobara han), a public bath next to the Emperor's Mosque (Careva džamija), the mills at Bentbaša and many others.  In 1457, Isa-beg Ishaković built a masjid as a gift to Sultan Mehmed Fatih II, which later became the Emperor's Mosque (Careva džamija).

Although he had built many endowments throughout the Ottoman Empire, Isa-beg Ishaković is primarily remembered for the buildings he built on the banks of the river Miljacka. He is remembered as the founder of one of the most beautiful cities on the western borders of the Ottoman Empir,  "the flower among cities", as Isa-beg Ishaković himself had once referred to Sarajevo.



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