Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo

Foundation for Education Development Sarajevo was founded in Sarajevo in 2001 as a non-governmental organization with characteristics of endowment as it stated in the Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Federal Ministry of Justice registered it as a legitimate institution whose purpose is to seek and create academic, material and legal conditions for the advancement of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Besides that, the Foundation aims to develop Bosnian culture, industry, trade and other sectors in cooperation with Turkey.
A group of businessmen from Turkey and several intellectuals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as founders, have been working jointly on the realization of Foundation plans. The founders agree that management and property of Foundation have a character of endowment.

The governing and the expert bodies of this Foundation are:

Members of the Foundation's Management Board and the founders

  • Hasan Topaloğlu (President)
  • M.Sc. Şaban Erden (Member of the board)
  • Mehmet Köse (Member of the board)
  • İlim Yayma Vakfı (Representative Nurettin Alan)
  • Prof. Dr. Adem Baştürk
  • Abdulkadir Taçyıldız
  • Abdurrahman Selçuk Berksan
  • Ahmet Kemal Baysak
  • Kalem Vakfı (Representative Musa Şahin)
  • Orhan Özyurt
  • Remzi Gür
  • Mehmet Alacacı 

The Foundation has overtaken the First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishaković” in May, 2014. Its aim is to enhance the education system in Bosnia, providing the possibility for pupils to learn more than two foreign languages from the first grade of primary school as well as creating the best-quality and strongest educational institution in the primary education sector.



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