The members of literature-journalism club as well as English Club members make magazines which are available twice a year. They are written in Bosnian and English language respectively. Literature-journalism club is led by Bosnian Language teacher Lejla Moćević, while English Club is led by English Language teacher Alma Džanković.

Both clubs organise meetings once a week where pupils make research, write article and share their opinions and ideas with other members as well as with their teachers. Members of literature-journalism club write articles dealing with school events so they practice writing a newspaper article which follows the grammatical rules. These articles are published in the end of winter/summer semester in the school magazine Saray.

On the other hand, English Club members focus on world news which they publish in the magazine sharing their own opinions concerning the news as well. This way pupils practice writing a formal text in English language as well as expressing their own ideas in the form of positive/negative critic and sharing them with others. Their articles are concerned with the world news, politics, economy, music, sports etc. They publish them in the magazine IBI News.


Here you can find and download school magazines:

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