The main task of any educational institution, and thus ours as well, is to help children grow into confident, stable, educated and happy people. Our pupils come not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but from other countries of the world as well. Therefore, our obligations in creating and maintaining proper relationship with children are even greater. Our pupils are being taught to show respect for each individual, including their customs, habits, religions and cultures. Considering the fact that we have to be very well prepared and adapted to such conditions, our mission is a continuous improvement, learning about other and different as well as preparing for such a responsible job.

Our main goals are: 

  • to provide our pupils with good educational program and useful skills for their further development;
  • to create a communal environment in which pupils, teachers and parents join together and work towards a common goal;
  • to encourage productivity in children and thus improve their learning, to teach them about team work, living as a part of a wider community and helping their friends in learning;
  • to provide psychological and social support in mastering teaching contents and educational components;
  • to offer interactive classes in accordance with the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and to provide individual assistance to each pupil in any segment- educational, social or any other,
  • to prepare our children to be capable of independent learning and hard-working for their future profession, which we, through a cooperation with their parents, try to determine according to a pupil’s capabilities.

We keep track of our children throughout their lives and learn more of their accomplishments during high school, college and at their workplace and we help our children and their parents as long as they need our help. We strive to keep contact with our former graduates and their parents and we are proud to say that they keep coming back to our school offering their help in certain segments depending on their skills and qualifications. Our former graduates complete their internships at our school as well.
Taking into consideration the fact that every child is unique and a special individual, we are trying to accommodate our teaching program according to their abilities and learning styles.
The mission of our school is to prepare students for their future education and academic success which will enable them, at the right time, to choose within a wide range of different professions. We want our students to become responsible and productive people.



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