Our school took second place on the Group Music Making Festival

On Tuesday, 29 March 2017, Group Music Making Festival (choir-orchestra), a competition on the municipality level for all primary school students, has been held on Grbavica. Students of our school who are school’s Choir Club’s members participated in the competition and presented the adapted version of the Bethoween’s “Ode to Joy”.

Under the mentorship of the Music teacher, Aida Hadžiahmetović, the song was prepared followed by seven musical instruments: drums (Nožić Bakir, VII), triangle (Hashemi Seyedeh Fatemeh, VII), two violins (Gurgendereli Bilge, VI and Cviko Hana, VI), two guitars (Efendić Riad, VIII and Kapetan Damad, V) and synthesizer (Uzunalić Sara, V). Beside the orchestra, the live beatbox was performed by Ali Mahmoudi and Nadir Mujezinović.


Our students won the second place prize in the Choir followed by orchestra category.

We congratulate to our students and teacher Aida on their success.


The video of our students performance you can see here.



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