School board is the main administration body in a primary school.
It consists of 5 members:

  • Mehmet Akif Yaman the school founder representative (School Board President),
  • Armin Kerić – the school founder representative (School Board Member),
  • Amela Efendić – the school children’s parents representative (School Board Member),
  • Nezira Šemić – the school employees representative (School Board Member) and
  • Sifet Kukuruz-  representative of the Education and Science Ministry, Sarajevo Canton (School Board Member)

School Board is appointed for the time period of 4 years with the possibility of re-election. It is the Founder who appoints and dismisses the School Board’s President and its members. 
School Board enables the effective use of all of the school’s resources.

School Board authorities in bringing the acts are:

  • adopting the school rules
  • adopting the annual school programme for the current year as well as acquisitions of the realisation reports for the annual school programme from the last year,
  • adopting the financial plan and acquisition of the annual accounting,
  • adopting the general act on the internal organisation and work places systematisation, as well as other acts according to the relevant regulations,
  • adopting the school work programme and reports about its work

School Board main duties are:

  • appointing and dismissing school’s principal as well as the principal’s employment contract finalisation,
  • bringing the decision about the concourse for choosing the teaching staff, assistants and other employees,
  • bringing the decision for the appointing of deputy principal,
  • appointing the commission for the selection of teaching staff as well as other commissions for the duties under their authority,
  • bringing decisions about using the funds over the number determined by previous regulations, if needed,
  • bringing decisions about depriving the teachers and assistants of their rights according to the law in a particular situation,
  • dealing with complaints and objections of the employees regarding the results of their work assessment, their rights, duties and their employee’s responsibilities,
  • dealing with the pupils’/parents’ complaints regarding the disciplinary measures,
  • dealing with the parents’ complaints about the teachers’ and assistants’ work
  • dealing with complaints and objections regarding the school principal’s work.

School Board deals with the following issues as well:

  • directs, controls and assesses the school principal’s work,
  • considers the suggestions and recommendations for various decisions and acts upon appropriate measures,
  • considers the curriculum realisation
  • follows the success of the pupils and acts upon measures needed for the school’s working conditions improvement and enhancement of the educational work in school,
  • considers and acquires the Success and Achievement Report at the end of winter/summer semester,
  • solves all the issues regarding the relationship with the Founder,
  • administers all other issues according to relevant regulations.

The School Boarder’s operation mode is regulated by regulation of conduct.



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