The school is located in the renovated facility in campus Vraca at the address Banjalučka bb.

The premises comprise of three buildings, as well as the  school playground and school yard. The indoor space contains 18 classrooms, 7 classrooms equipped for special purposes, fully equipped computer science and science laboratory with cutting-edge technologies, a sports hall for physical and health education with supporting rooms, the library, a kitchen, a dining room and a masjid.

1. School space, furniture and equipment

The school is equipped with all the necessary and appropriate furniture and equipment is purchased according to the school’s procurement plan. The purchased furniture follows the appropriate standards and it is adapted to the age of the students.
The school has:

  • TV receivers
  • DVD players
  • overhead projectors
  • laptops
  • computers
  • projectors,
  • musical instruments




The thing that separates our school from the others is that each of 18 classrooms is equipped with SMART board which enables the teacher to develop different interactive teaching methods together with the traditional didactic ones. Smart boards give a notion of quality to the class because they enable the implementation of audio and video materials, high resolution photographs and use of the great number of software applications, document editing tools etc. SMART board surface is touch-sensitive and it enables the use of digital markers and recording of the on-going activity.

SMART boards enable teachers a wide spectre of possibilities to fulfil their class with the digital material.


The use of SMART boards prepares students for the independent use of computers, develops the abilities of independent thinking and brining conclusions and enables individual progress for students to acquire and widen their knowledge. The students follow the classes with a greater interest, they remember the teaching units better and they are more active in lessons participation. Through the use of SMART boards we have discovered that the interactive board has a strong visual effect which helps students to understand the units faster and better and to remember the information more easily.


The classes consist of maximum 20 students which enables teachers to pay attention to every individual student as well as their personalities and characters.

The main goal of our school is to help our children to grow into confident, stable, educated and happy adults. Considering the fact that our students do not come only from Bosnia and Herzegovina but from many other countries as well, they are taught to respect every single individual and their tradition, culture, habits and their religion.



Banjalučka bb, 
71 000 Sarajevo,
Bosna i Hercegovina


Tel.+387 33 957 496

Fax.+387 33 957 495