Computer Lab

There are two computer labs in our school equipped with a great number of linked desktop computers, which makes IT lessons very successfully held. The students attend IT lessons exclusively in the lab. Internet access is enabled by the IT teacher as the lessons require and in order to easily control what the students do in the lesson. Considering that IT lessons are attended by all students from the 1st to 9th grade, the lessons are adapted to the age of the students and the held by the IT teacher.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Science) Lab

Chemistry, Biology and Physics (Science) labs have all the necessary equipment for the mentioned subjects, including numerous teaching aids and tools enabeling better practice lessons using modern teaching forms and methods, which represent innovations in the teaching process. Lessons are often accompanied by computers using presentations. Experiments related to the subjects are regularly done. The labs have wall displays of human and animal bodies, as well as models of individual organs. There is also a wall periodic table of elements and a great number of molecule and compound models, test tubes and other accessories. The labs also have microscopes for precise work in the Biology and Chemistry lessons.  



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