The implementation of the curriculum is the most organized form of education. The curriculum determines goals and tasks of the educational process, which needs to be implemented during the academic year.

Goals and tasks can be summarized to these fundamental elements:

  • Acquiring elemental knowledge, skills and habits;
  • Development of individual, psychological and physical abilities;
  • Personal education and development.

Quality of the educational process depends a lot on the connection and accordance of these elements, where a teacher has a crucial role and a task to take care not to neglect any of the mentioned elements.

Teaching is the most organized form of educational process based on modern educational, didactic, technical and organizational achievements.

Mandatory educational areas:

  • Language area;
  • Social sciences area;
  • Natural sciences and mathematics area;
  • Technology and IT area;
  • Culture and sports area;
  • Elective subjects area;
  • Non-assessed elective subjects area
  • Other.


The following subjects are taught within these areas:

  • Language area:
    • Bosnian language and literature;
    • English language;
    • Turkish language
    • Arabic language;
    • German language;
  • Social sciences area:
    • History;
    • Geography;
    • Society;
    • Civil democracy and human rights;
    • History of religions;
  • Natural sciences and mathematics area:
    • Maths;
    • Nature;
    • Physics (Science);
    • Biology (Science);
    • Chemistry (Science);
  • Technology and IT area:
    • IT;
    • Technical education;
  • Culture and sports area:
    • Art;
    • Music;
    • Physical education;
    • Lifestyle education;
  • Elective subjects area:
    • Islamic religion
    • Society/culture/religion
  • Non-assessed elective subjects area:
    • English language
    • Arabic language
    • German language
    • Turkish language



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