The way we try to direct our school’s success reflects largely in that what we already have become. Taking into consideration that we exist as an educational institution for many years, our vision is focused on enhancing the primary education standards, improving the working conditions, creating better position for easier learning and acquiring as well as on enabling an easier integration of our children in the social environment.

Our vision reflects in:

  • creating better technical conditions for lecturers as well as our pupils,
  • helping students using methods that will enable them to acquire the teaching units in the easiest possible way,
  • •training pupils to learn how to recognize the problem and try to solve it first on their own and then later with the help of their teachers or other pupils,
  • teaching pupils how to rely on mutual dialogues in the classroom and conversation about the current topics of importance,
  • helping pupils in their lives and efforts in any field,
  • striving to be the most recognized and best school in our city and country,
  • striving towards creation and working conditions improvement as well as finding ways to overcome obstacles in which pupils and their parents themselves will participate
  • in the aim for our students to be recognizable and welcome in all secondary (high schools) schools. We try to give them good foundation for their future education as well as personal development in every aspect.

The founder’s vision is lies in the fact that this primary school, together with a high school which was founded in September 2017, will represent a continuation of our efforts and work in the most important development period of our children. We want to be moral support throughout the lives of all students who get education in our school.
We want our children to have developed senses for values in society, both the moral and material ones, to appreciate their and other people's work and success, to be happy for the success of others as if it was their own and to develop positive relationships with the competition that they will inevitably encounter in their lives.
The most important task in our further development is to provide perfect conditions for our pupils, but we also want our employees to be trained, educated and relieved from all problems related to the school.
We will do our best to provide our pupils with quality education; we will appreciate their work and efforts and thus further develop their psychology and emotions. We want the working atmosphere for our employees to be positive and healthy. Also, it is of crucial importance for us that each and every employee who comes at our school’s door comes with a smile on their face and relieved of all problems.



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