After a long and detailed preparation, on Monday 10 November 2014, First Private Primary School “Isa-beg Ishaković” joined a wide circle of certified Cambridge Assessment International Education primary schools all around the world. It started implementing the programme immediately. Cambridge Assessment International Education is implemented in two different phases:

  • Cambridge Primary (from 1st to 6th grade)
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary (from 7th to 9th grade)

Both phases are of crucial importance for our students because they enable them to understand the material better, increase their knowledge and develop important skills, such as self-productivity, logical thinking, etc.

Cambridge Assessment International Education program offers a possibility of bilingual education where a certain group of subjects (Bosnian Language, Arts, Sport, Music, History, Geography, etc.) still follow the national curriculum. Another group of subjects, Environment, Nature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology (taught as one subject, Science) as well as Mathematics and English Language follow Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum and lessons are in English.

Bilingual Cambridge Assessment International Education stipulates that teachers and school headmasters need to fulfil all the requirements needed for the implementation of Cambridge Assessment International Education program. The program allows the staff to be creative and add anything they want to the Cambridge Primary or Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum. This enables us to correlate between our national and Cambridge Assessment International Education program.

Children’s abilities to learn and acquire the curriculum material are very developed in this age. As an example we can mention our foreign students who came to our school with zero knowledge of both Bosnian and English language, and now, six months later, they communicate without any difficulties with their classmates and teachers both in Bosnian and English language. Of course, besides that, they speak fluently their native language as well. So, from the age of six students of our school can already communicate in three different languages and plus they learn additional two foreign languages.



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